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Good Vibrations Social Distancing Measures

As our area begins the re-opening and resuming of normal activities, we have taken extra precautions and implemented measures to ensure the safety of our clients and our employees.


1. During this time, we are only offering our open photo booths. Props are available for an additional fee, and will be ordered new for your event.


2. Our deejays and photo booth attendants will be practicing social distancing at your event. We ask that you and your guests do the same (i.e. keep a six-foot distance around the table at all times, no direct contact, etc.).


3. If microphones will be needed by the host or guests, please let us know ahead of time so we can supply protective microphone coverings.


4. All equipment will be santizied before and after every event.


5. We are now offering virtual deejay, music bingo and trivia events online. Please contact us for more information.

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