About Us

Good Vibrations, Ltd., was created in 1987 by Vinny Colbert, with just a set of equipment, a case of records, and his love for music. Thanks to our loyal clients, however, Good Vibrations has developed into one of the Washington D.C. area’s leading entertainment companies.

Every client has an idea of what their perfect event would be like. At Good Vibrations, we like to take that idea and turn it into a reality. With our numerous services and professional deejays, Good Vibrations can help you create and customize any event to fit your individual needs. Our customer testimonials show that we continuously go to great lengths to ensure that our clients have cherished memories for a lifetime.

Good Vibrations can provide any and all of our services to any kind of event, from a simple outdoor picnic, to an elegant wedding. Maybe you are looking for some background music at a dinner party. Or maybe you are looking for an exciting light show for your child’s bar mitzvah. Whatever the event, we have the ability to help you make it a night to remember.

If you are looking for other types of services for your event, take a peek at our preferred vendors list.